Waikato Waldorf Festival

We have been invited back to the Waikato Waldorf school for their annual festival.

We will be part of the living history village with the spice trader display and leather working happening over the day.

If you are in the Hamilton area and want to drop by please do.

The event is on Sunday the 15th May, location is the Waikato Waldorf School, 85 Barrington Road, Hamilton, New Zealand

Green Harp Belt Finished

Following on from my post about making new belts for Wendy, see post here, I have finally finished off the green belt with pewter harps.

It took a while to get round to finishing off the dyeing of the leather, once that was done I fitted all the mounts on and checked it all looked right. At this stage we decided to set the last 5 harps so that ran along the belt instead of across it. This means that when the belt is hanging the harps still are upright.


Once that was all sorted it was just a case of hammering the pins in place to permanently set the mounts in place.






New Belts

While we were at St Johns i made a bunch of harp shaped belt mounts under the guidance of the talented Edward Braythwayte. Now I am working on the belt itself fro Wendy.

We decided on a Aqua Green colour for the belt itself, although the dye has come out darker than we thought it would. I also order a belt end and buckle from Lionheart Replicas.

Green Harp Belt 2

Here is the belt part made. I have already skived the ends to fit the buckle and end plates and punched holes for the mounts. I still need to finish dyeing the leather.

Green Harp Belt 1

Then I’ll test fit all the elements before finally setting them permanently.

This is the second belt i have done with mounts for Wendy. The other I made a little while ago. The same principle was followed, however the mounts had a split shaft that just needed to be bent over to fix them. As I didn’t have a lot of the mounts I also did some stamping along the belt, its just visible in the photo.

Red Belt

Winter Warm Up

Ok so not a camping event but…

The Winter Warm Up is a dance event held in Auckland. It is attended by a number of different dance groups, not just ones that do medieval or renaissance dance. The group we do renaissance dance with are fairly regular attendees and this year Wendy and I joined them.

Each group that attends is given a 15 minute block in which they do a few display dances and then finish with participation dance. For our slot we did Pizochara, a set dance for 8, and Rostiboli Gioioso, with a 2 person and 3 person variation. The slot went very well, with just a few technical hiccups on the music. Given the amount of practice that was put in ahead of time it was all over pretty quickly.


St Johns

Over the weekend of the 10th – 12th July we attended the annual Cluain event of St Johns.

This  is an SCA camp held in the Waikato region. While normally we would take our tent and camp we decided to make use of the bunk rooms available at the site, and it was very fortunate that we did as temperatures over the weekend dropped to around -2. Fortunately both the main hall and bunk rooms were nice and warm once the heaters got started.

St Johns was a nice relaxed event. While there was archery, which both Wendy and I took part in, heavy combat and rapier outside most of the event took place inside the main hall.

Wendy had offered to run a couple of workshops on beginner harp. These went very well and I think we may have some new converts. While this was going on I learnt a bit about pewter casting with Master Edward Braythwayte. The end result being 24 harp shaped belt mounts. Now I just need to make Wendy a new belt.

On the Saturday evening there was a banquet. The food as always was excellent. Afterwards there was music and games. Wendy, along with Nadia, played harp while Chantelle played flute and sang. I played a bar game that was along the lines of a giant version of shove ha’penny. Followed by a couple of games of Irish, an early form of modern backgammon.